unlocking your true potential

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Our Mission!

Finding Your Purpose develops and inspires youth from multi-cultural backgrounds in a quest to discover their gifts and talents through counseling, educating, and mentoring.

If young people begin to evaluate the value in themselves instead of professional titles, earning potential, and attractive job fields that are not going to diversify their employment opportunities, they may never find the fulfillment in themselves.

Career Pathway

Finding Your Purpose would like to partner with companies and organization to develop experiential learning opportunities for young adults with respect to workforce development.

Ambassador Leadership

With Finding Your Purpose, students don't travel as tourist, they get immersed in local cultures and make meaningful connections with industry leaders. Students come home inspired, confident and equipped to take on leadership positions in their schools, industry pathways, and communities.


Scholarships and donations are at the forefront of what we provide.  Access denied leaves our students in peril. Monetary support alleviates some of the burden as students eagerly pursue their dreams.